path: root/gbp/scripts/pq.py
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* Refactor gbp-pq as preparation for rpm supportMarkus Lehtonen2012-04-18
* gbp-pq: refactor args of write_patch()Markus Lehtonen2012-02-20
* Merge tag 'debian/0.6.0_git20120218' into experimentalGuido Günther2012-02-18
| * gbp-pq: Properly print patch nameGuido Günther2012-02-18
* | Refactor config.py as preparation for rpm support.Markus Lehtonen2012-02-13
* gbp-pq: don't crash in get_maintainer_from_control()Markus Lehtonen2012-01-23
* GitRepository: Add num option to git_commitsGuido Günther2011-12-27
* gbp-pq: add "switch" actionGuido Günther2011-12-26
* Rename gbp.pq to gbp.patch_seriesGuido Günther2011-12-26
* pq.Patch: move support for parsing patch headers into Patch classGuido Günther2011-12-26
* pq: rename PatchQueue to PatchSeriesGuido Günther2011-12-26
* scripts/pq: handle patches without filename extensionGuido Günther2011-12-18
* scripts/pq: Move patch name handling to separate functionGuido Günther2011-12-18
* pq: add --force option to fore recreation of pq branchGuido Günther2011-12-16
* gbp-pq: Instead of looking for the signature don't let git generate itGuido Günther2011-11-21
* gbp-pq: don't claim we're uptodateGuido Günther2011-11-04
* Get rid of the symlinkGuido Günther2011-11-01