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* don't start a new changelog section if we found a snapshot header even when d...Guido Guenther2007-12-15
* properly quote "" (Closes: #447211)Guido Guenther2007-10-19
* git-dch: use Command() instead of implementing it againGuido Guenther2007-10-19
* pyline and other consistency updatesGuido Guenther2007-10-18
* print --git-log defaultGuido Guenther2007-10-16
* make --git-log a config file optionGuido Guenther2007-10-11
* fix option nameGuido Guenther2007-10-11
* fix syntax errorGuido Guenther2007-10-10
* eval() the snapshot number calculation so everybody can pass in what he wantsGuido Guenther2007-10-10
* make sure the changelog section's trailer points to the person invoking git-dchGuido Guenther2007-10-07
* Allow to specify paths to look at: git-dch path1 path2Guido Guenther2007-10-07
* add --git-log to pass options along to git-logGuido Guenther2007-10-07
* handle versions containing epochsGuido Guenther2007-10-07
* don't fail if the commit msg starts with '--'Guido Guenther2007-10-07
* add short options for "--snapshot" and "--release"Guido Guenther2007-10-07
* --auto: guess last changelogged commit from the snapshot headerGuido Guenther2007-10-07
* Add a check for the debian branch instead of always using it as the tipGuido Guenther2007-10-07
* add support for automatic snapshot releases as suggested by Ottavio SalvadorGuido Guenther2007-10-06
* fix error caseGuido Guenther2007-10-03
* don't create a new changelog section if the current package is unreleasedGuido Guenther2007-10-03
* add git-dchGuido Guenther2007-09-30