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* Merge commit 'debian/0.4.63' into bpo-lennyGuido Günther2010-01-20
| * Add body regex filterGuido Günther2009-12-23
| * There was a second use of parse_commit.Matthijs Kooijman2009-12-23
| * Add support for a Git-Dch: Ignore metaheader.Matthijs Kooijman2009-12-17
* | Revert "add --no-force-save-on-release"Guido Günther2009-12-07
* catch config file parse errorsGuido Günther2009-09-15
* Add changelog section if current topmost version is already tagged.Guido Günther2009-09-05
* catch gbp.deb.NoChangelogErrorGuido Günther2009-09-05
* drop superfluous _utils from module namesGuido Günther2009-08-23
* trim commit displayGuido Günther2009-08-18
* use the last commit in which debian/changelog was touched as starting pointGuido Günther2009-08-15
* make parameters for GitRepository.commits() optionalGuido Günther2009-08-15
* add --no-force-save-on-releaseGuido Günther2009-07-29
* check for snapshot modeGuido Günther2009-06-12
* Unconfuse git-dch when commit message starts with "--"Damyan Ivanov2009-06-09
* make --[no-]full a config file optionGuido Günther2009-02-26
* simplify boolean option handlingGuido Günther2009-02-26
* add --no-git-authorGuido Günther2008-12-29
* Use name and email from gitRobie Basak2008-12-29
* better descriptionsGuido Günther2008-11-28
* case insentive matching for "bugnumbers"Guido Günther2008-11-21
* too much whitespaceGuido Günther2008-11-15
* move common help messages into config.pyGuido Günther2008-11-15
* don't require bugnumbers to start with '#'Guido Günther2008-11-15
* fix off by oneGuido Günther2008-11-14
* gather all invocations of dch in one functionGuido Günther2008-11-14
* git-dch: add missing call to escape_commitGuido Günther2008-11-13
* Don't include first UNRELEASED lineFelipe Sateler2008-11-13
* merge sha and snapshot parameterGuido Günther2008-11-13
* more option groupingGuido Guenther2008-09-22
* wordingGuido Guenther2008-09-18
* demangle adding commits and sectionsGuido Guenther2008-09-18
* Don't buffer stdout; let git-bp messages print in-lineKurt B. Kaiser2008-09-18
* add --new-versionGuido Guenther2008-09-07
* "git-commond" vs. "git command" cleanupGuido Guenther2008-09-01
* allow setting the bug-closing meta tag to look forGuido Guenther2008-08-15
* split git-log options into a listGuido Guenther2008-07-21
* escape backticks (`)Guido Guenther2008-07-20
* --auto and --since are incompatibleGuido Guenther2008-07-18
* use option groupsGuido Guenther2008-07-18
* escape $s in commit messagesGuido Guenther2008-06-16
* include the commit id in the changelog entryGuido Guenther2008-05-16
* pass the whole options aroundGuido Guenther2008-05-16
* print default value of --metaGuido Guenther2008-05-16
* avoid naming conflictGuido Guenther2008-05-16
* avoid extra space before "(Closes: )"Guido Guenther2008-05-13
* make --meta a config file optionGuido Guenther2008-05-08
* make author parsing more robustGuido Guenther2008-05-04
* update copyrightGuido Guenther2008-05-04
* use --no-auto-nmuGuido Guenther2008-04-23