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Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* uppercase UpstreamGuido Guenther2008-02-29
* make dsc import repeatable (Closes: #468120)Guido Guenther2008-02-29
* Allow multiple file filters for git-import-{orig,dsc}Harald Braumann2008-02-23
* add pristine-tar support based on a patch from Julian Andres Klode (Closes: #...Guido Guenther2008-02-21
* add --no-dch optionsGuido Guenther2008-02-08
* detect flat tar archives (Closes: #463822)Guido Guenther2008-02-08
* fix doc url (Closes: #456535)Guido Guenther2007-12-23
* don't print a commit summary when importing into empty repos (addresses parts...Guido Guenther2007-11-05
* git-import-orig: fix missing s/upstream/upstream_branch/ renameGuido Guenther2007-10-24
* pyline and other consistency updatesGuido Guenther2007-10-18
* detect upstream version from common tarball formates (Closes: #443306)Guido Guenther2007-10-03
* Create upstream branch when importing into an empty archive (Closes: #443305)Guido Guenther2007-10-03
* update vim modelines and remove whitespacesGuido Guenther2007-10-03
* allow to import into empty git archivesGuido Guenther2007-06-26
* don't use ret to check repository cleanessGuido Guenther2007-05-29
* Merge ../git-buildpackage into locals/import-orig-by-indexGuido Guenther2007-05-28
| * use --upstream-version instead of --upstreamversion to match the other -upstr...Guido Guenther2007-05-24
* | don't use git_load_dirs for importsGuido Guenther2007-05-28
* allow to import an already unpacked source treeGuido Guenther2007-05-20
* raise GBPError in import_orig instead of checking the return valueGuido Guenther2007-05-20
* git-import-orig: more specific error message, when the merge merge failsdebian/0.2.29Guido Guenther2007-05-16
* support import of tar.bz2 in git-import-origGuido Guenther2007-05-13
* improve tagging messagesGuido Guenther2007-04-12
* git_load_dirs now supports --summary, use this for nicer import messagesGuido Guenther2007-04-12
* use GBPError everywhere and move commands from __init__ to command_wrappers.pyGuido Guenther2007-02-11
* Allow to specify the tag formatGuido Guenther2007-02-02
* add GitRepository classdebian/0.2.22Guido Guenther2006-12-26
* git-import-orig: improve error message when the upstream branch cannot be found.debian/0.2.20Guido Guenther2006-12-22
* minor fixes all over the placeGuido Guenther2006-12-13
* s/keyid/GPG keyid/Guido Guenther2006-12-11
* support signed tagsdebian/0.2.15Guido Guenther2006-12-08
* config file parsing to set default branches and build commandsGuido Guenther2006-12-05
* git-import-orig: fix printout of branch nameGuido Guenther2006-11-28
* git-import-orig: implement "--no-merge"debian/0.2.8Guido Guenther2006-11-08
* minor cosmetic cleanups all over the placeGuido Guenther2006-10-06
* more robust regex matching, sanitze all version numbers before running git-tagdebian/0.2.7Guido Guenther2006-10-06
* check if we're at the top level of a git repository before starting the builddebian/0.2.6Guido Guenther2006-10-05
* add manpagesGuido Guenther2006-10-04
* git-import-dsc: don't fail if the dsc is a plain filename without a directory...debian/0.2.2Guido Guenther2006-09-29
* git-import-orig: don't try import new upstream versions when there are uncomm...Guido Guenther2006-09-27
* git-import-dsc: import of debian native packagesGuido Guenther2006-09-27
* add git-import-origGuido Guenther2006-09-25