path: root/git_buildpackage/__init__.py
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* rename git_buildpackage to gbp and use GbpError everywhereGuido Guenther2007-02-07
* Allow to specify the tag formatGuido Guenther2007-02-02
* add --git-posttag to git-buildpackageGuido Guenther2007-01-22
* add GitRepository classdebian/0.2.22Guido Guenther2006-12-26
* git-buildpackage: properly pass builder argsGuido Guenther2006-12-08
* support signed tagsdebian/0.2.15Guido Guenther2006-12-08
* config file parsing to set default branches and build commandsGuido Guenther2006-12-05
* minor cosmetic cleanups all over the placeGuido Guenther2006-10-06
* git-buildpackage: git-buildpackage: use helpers from git_buildpackageGuido Guenther2006-09-27
* * UNRELEASEDGuido Guenther2006-09-27