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* Use relative patch to install gbp.confGuido Günther2016-12-18
* Introduce gbp-rpm-chMarkus Lehtonen2016-06-30
* rpm packaging: update dependencies for unittestsMarkus Lehtonen2015-12-16
* rpm packaging: direct dependency to zipmerge binaryMarkus Lehtonen2015-12-16
* rpm packaging: bump package version to 0.7.0Markus Lehtonen2015-11-20
* buildpackage-rpm: add support for mock chroot builderGuido Günther2015-11-16
* rpm packaging: remove Tizen-specific providesMarkus Lehtonen2015-10-19
* rpm packaging: remove hack for ancient openSUSE versionsMarkus Lehtonen2015-10-19
* rpm packaging: fix build for CentOSMarkus Lehtonen2015-10-19
* spec: add missing python depsGuido Günther2015-08-19
* spec: Only OpenSuSE seems to use python-baseGuido Günther2015-08-19
* spec: Nobody seems to ship pristine-tar atmGuido Günther2015-08-19
* spec: Add new manpagesGuido Günther2015-08-19
* Add gbp buildpackage-rpmGuido Günther2015-08-19
* Add spec file taken from git-buildpackage-rpmGuido Günther2015-06-26