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* Use open() instead of file()Guido Günther2013-08-28
* Minor docstring updatesGuido Günther2013-08-22
* Consistently call gbp the supercommandGuido Günther2013-06-26
* Add wrapper for all gbp commandsGuido Günther2013-06-18
* Generate coverage xmlGuido Günther2013-04-06
* setup: possibility to skip nosetest requirementsMarkus Lehtonen2013-03-22
* tests: make tests a Python moduleMarkus Lehtonen2012-11-23
* Lower dependencies on python-nose and python-coverageGuido Günther2012-02-13
* Move debian related helpers into submoduleGuido Günther2011-11-22
* Move git code into submoduleGuido Günther2011-11-20
* Move gbp/version.py generation into setup.pyGuido Günther2011-11-07
* Use setuptools to run the testsGuido Günther2011-11-06
* Get rid of the symlinkGuido Günther2011-11-01
* Make gbp-create-remote-repo a first class citizenGuido Günther2011-01-11
* Add git-pbuilderGuido Günther2010-08-11
* Make gbp-clone, gbp-pull and gbp-pq first class citizensGuido Günther2009-11-22
* add git-import-dscsGuido Guenther2008-05-17
* add git-dchGuido Guenther2007-09-30
* use GBPError everywhere and move commands from __init__ to command_wrappers.pyGuido Guenther2007-02-11
* config file parsing to set default branches and build commandsGuido Guenther2006-12-05
* git-import-orig: don't try import new upstream versions when there are uncomm...Guido Guenther2006-09-27
* git-import-dsc: import of debian native packagesGuido Guenther2006-09-27
* git-debuild -> git-buildpackageGuido Guenther2006-09-25
* add git-import-origGuido Guenther2006-09-25
* add debian packagingGuido Guenther2006-09-12