path: root/tests/component/deb/test_buildpackage.py
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* component test: Use more fixturesGuido Günther2017-01-20
* test_buildpackage: make sure we discard temporary treesGuido Günther2017-01-20
* component tests: simpler test fixturesGuido Günther2017-01-19
* buildpackage: Use commit instead of tree to create archiveGuido Günther2017-01-17
* buildpackage: Don't set a compression level if unset and make this the defaultGuido Günther2017-01-17
* Quote arguments passed to builderGuido Günther2017-01-11
* buildpackage: use os.makedirs to create export dirsGuido Günther2017-01-09
* tests/buildpackage: test --git-export-dirGuido Günther2016-10-02
* tests/buildpackage: use absolut path for output filesGuido Günther2016-10-02
* tests/buildpackage: prettier test namesGuido Günther2016-10-02
* tests: match env vars values in hook checks tooGuido Günther2016-08-05
* tests: Remove duplicate checkGuido Günther2016-08-04
* Move Hooks to common codeGuido Günther2016-07-08
* Use 'component' and 'additional tarball'Guido Günther2016-07-04
* buildpackage: Support pristine-tar with multiple tarballsGuido Günther2016-05-27
* buildpackage: Allow to generate subtarballsGuido Günther2016-05-27
* Add testcase for non-native build-packageGuido Günther2016-02-17
* tests: Check for all exported env varsGuido Günther2016-01-29
* buildpackage: make sure hook_vars is always available.Guido Günther2016-01-29
* buildpackage: Move git-pbuilder environemt variables into GBP_ namespaceGuido Günther2016-01-15
* Add simple component test for buildpackageGuido Günther2015-08-27