path: root/tests/component/deb/test_import_dsc.py
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* import_dsc: Store debian/changelog in commit messageGuido Günther2017-01-10
* import_dsc: test bare repository importGuido Günther2017-01-10
* GitRepository.commit_dir: add a proper reflog entryGuido Günther2016-12-28
* import-dsc: Improve error message if there is no dsc fileGuido Günther2016-12-26
* import-dsc: determine download automaticallyGuido Günther2016-12-26
* import_dsc: fail properly again without a package to importGuido Günther2016-12-04
* pep8/pyflakes cleanupsGuido Günther2016-09-12
* import_dsc: Use the same patch options as dpkg-source for 1.0 packagesGuido Günther2016-07-05
* Use 'component' and 'additional tarball'Guido Günther2016-07-04
* test_import_dsc: move _hash_file to ComponenTestBaseGuido Günther2016-07-04
* import_dsc: Allow to use pristine-tar with multiple tarballsGuido Günther2016-04-14
* import_dsc: Make 'gbp import-dsc' aware of component tarballsGuido Günther2016-03-13
* import-dsc: Bail out if target dir existsGuido Günther2015-11-19
* import_dsc: Fail if a package has additional tarballsGuido Günther2015-11-18
* Fix FSF address - thanks rpmlintEvgeni Golov2015-06-22
* Use verbose outputGuido Günther2015-02-20
* import_dsc: Create missing debian branch with --create-missing-branchesGuido Günther2014-02-23
* Move over import dsc test from external test suiteGuido Günther2013-01-16