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* Make submodule support conditionalGuido Günther2011-04-06
* git-buildpackage: special case non-submodule tarfile generationGuido Günther2011-03-21
* tests: add testcase for git_archive()Guido Günther2011-03-19
* tests: RenameGuido Günther2011-03-19
* tests: Add testcase for dump_archive()Guido Günther2011-03-19
* gbp: Add git.archive() and git.{has,get,update,add}_submodules()Guido Günther2011-03-18
* Add tests for branch creation and switchingGuido Günther2011-03-18
* Fix test executionGuido Günther2011-03-18
* Add unpack testGuido Günther2009-12-24
* Add other gbp-* commandsGuido Günther2009-12-24
* fix testcase nameGuido Günther2009-09-05
* add unit test for --helpGuido Günther2009-08-23