Introduction Welcome to &git-buildpackage;, a system that integrates the Debian package build system with Git. Repository Layout Since &git; knows about branches (and in fact handles them very well) the git repository usually looks like: a so called master branch (the default branch) holds your current development work. Another branch called upstream holds the upstream sources. Other branches like nmu or dfsg_free might help with certain kinds of packages. Git-Buildpackage currently only works with your local git-repository, in order to publish your changes simply use git-push. Workflow A typical workflow consists of the following steps: Import a Debian package via &git-import-dsc;. This imports the &debian; Package on the master branch and the upstream sources on the upstream branch. Develop, test, commit changes. During this time you can always build the package with &git-buildpackage; In case you have uncommitted changes in your source tree you can use the option. Once satisfied you can build the final package with &git-buildpackage; . This additionally creates a tag within &git; so you can switch back to that version later at any time. When a new upstream version is released you can import this via &git-import-orig; onto the upstream branch. &git-import-orig; will also try to merge the new upstream version onto the master branch. After resolving any potential conflicts go back to 2. These steps will be explaind in more details in the following sections.