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* Depend on recent libsoup that supports g_proxy_resolver_get_default()Guido Günther2015-10-16
* gtk-doc: use no-tmplGuido Günther2015-01-03
* Add tests for LpfManagerGuido Günther2014-10-10
* Switch to glib's testing frameworkGuido Günther2014-04-14
* Explicitly link against gmoduleGuido Günther2014-04-12
* Cope with older libsoupGuido Günther2014-03-18
* Make the code match the docsGuido Günther2014-03-10
* Don't open code GObject IntrospetionGuido Günther2014-03-05
* Export types via our only public headerGuido Günther2014-03-05
* Bump dependency on gobject-introspectionGuido Günther2014-02-25
* Initial commitGuido Günther2014-02-24