path: root/libplanfahr/providers/hafas-bin6.c
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* Use soup_status_get_phraseGuido Günther2015-10-16
* Set the proxy on the Soup sessionGuido Günther2015-10-16
* hafas: Both 0x10 and 0x20 flags seem to indicate cancelled tripsGuido Günther2015-05-08
* hafas: Detect canceled trips via a flag in HafasBin6TripPartDetailGuido Günther2015-05-07
* Adjust to db API changeGuido Günther2014-12-15
* Improve error codes in hafas binary parserGuido Günther2014-12-15
* Add geters for LpfTripPart and LpfTrip propertiesGuido Günther2014-10-09
* Don't leak nameGuido Günther2014-10-04
* Fix typoGuido Günther2014-10-04
* Free uriGuido Günther2014-09-29
* hafas: make base time UTCGuido Günther2014-04-14
* Don't shadow global declarationsGuido Günther2014-04-11
* Store real time arrival/departue information on the correct stopsGuido Günther2014-03-26
* Allow to query trips by arrival instead of departureGuido Günther2014-03-22
* Add flags argument to lpf_provider_get_locsGuido Günther2014-03-22
* Cope with older libsoupGuido Günther2014-03-18
* Allocate the correct structureGuido Günther2014-03-18
* Flags are currently unusedGuido Günther2014-03-13
* Grab a ref on the passed in date time tooGuido Günther2014-03-11
* Make the code match the docsGuido Günther2014-03-10