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+# Sample mini-dinstall.conf with all the options -*- coding: utf-8; mode: generic -*-
+# Options that apply to all distributions
+# The root of the archive.
+archivedir = ~/debian/
+# The default loglevel which is sent to you via email. Valid values
+# are taken from the Python logging module: DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR,
+# and CRITICAL. You may also use NONE, to avoid email altogether.
+mail_log_level = ERROR
+# The user to mail logs to
+mail_to = username
+# The loglevel upon which to immediately send you queued log messages.
+mail_log_flush_level = ERROR
+# The number of log messages upon which an email will be sent to you.
+mail_log_flush_count = 10
+# Whether or not to trigger a reindex of Packages/Sources files
+# immediately after every installation (in daemon mode). If you
+# disable this option, you should almost certainly have
+# dynamic_reindex enabled. You may want to disable this if you
+# install a *lot* of packages.
+trigger_reindex = 1
+# Whether or not to verify GPG signatures on .changes files
+verify_sigs = 1
+# GNUPG keyrings to use for signature verification, separated by
+# commas. This will override the builtin keyrings. Generally you
+# shouldn't specify this option; use extra_keyrings instead.
+keyrings = /usr/share/keyrings/debian-keyring.gpg, /path/to/other/keyring.gpg
+# Additional GNUPG keyrings to use for signature verification, separated by commas
+extra_keyrings = ~/.gnupg/pubring.gpg, ~/.gnupg/other.gpg
+# The permissions for the incoming directory. If you want to use
+# mini-dinstall for a group of people, you might want to make this
+# more permissive.
+incoming_permissions = 0750
+### The remaining options can also be specified in a per-distribution
+### basis
+# What architecture subdirectories to create.
+architectures = all, i386, sparc, powerpc
+# The style of archive. "flat" is the default; it puts all .debs in
+# the archive directory. The other alternative is "simple-subdir",
+# which puts .debs from each architecture in a separate subdirectory.
+archive_style = flat
+# Whether or not to mail you about successful installations
+mail_on_success = 1
+# Whether or not to delete old packages
+keep_old = 0
+# A script to run before a .changes is installed. It is called with
+# the full path to the .changes as an argument. If it exits with an
+# error, then the .changes is skipped.
+pre_install_script = ~/bin/pre-inst.sh
+# A script to run when a .changes is successfully installed.
+# It is called with the full path to the .changes as an argument.
+post_install_script = ~/bin/post-inst.sh
+# Whether or not to generate Release files
+generate_release = 1
+# The default Origin: field in the release file
+release_origin = username
+# The default Label: field in the release file
+release_label = username
+# The default Suite: field in the release file
+release_suite = Penthouse
+# The default Description: field in the release file
+release_description = My Happy Fun Packages
+# If specified, this script will be called to sign Release files. It
+# will be invoked in the directory containing the Release file, and
+# should accept the filename of the Release file to sign as the first
+# argument (note it is passed a temporary filename, not "Release").
+# It should generate a detached signature in a file named Release.gpg.
+release_signscript = ~/bin/sign-release.sh
+# Whether or not to watch directories for changes, and reindex
+# Packages/Sources as needed. Only used in daemon mode.
+dynamic_reindex = 1
+# Whether or not to make .changes files unreadable to others by
+# default. This will protect you from other people unexpectedly
+# uploading your packages. Please think carefully about your security
+# before you change this!
+chown_changes_files = 1
+# Whether or not to use /usr/bin/dnotify. This doesn't work on some
+# systems, so you might want to disable it. Only used if
+# dynamic_reindex is enabled.
+use_dnotify = 0
+# If you use the mtime-polling directory notifier, this is the number
+# of seconds in between polls. Only used if dynamic_reindex is
+# enabled.
+poll_time = 30
+# The maximum number of seconds to wait for an incomplete upload
+# before rejecting it. The default is two days.
+max_retry_time = 172800
+# The following are just some sample distributions, with a few sample
+# distribution-specific options.
+poll_time = 40
+max_retry_time = 30
+keep_old = 1
+post_install_script = ~/bin/staging-post-inst.sh
+architectures = all, i386, sparc, powerpc, ia64, sh4
+keep_old = 1