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* Release Günther2020-03-30
* Use flake8Guido Günther2020-03-30
* Correct git-archive command for Fedora/EL git implementationsJeroen van Meeuwen (Ergo Project)2010-07-20
* bump release to Günther2008-11-20
* create directoryGuido Günther2008-11-20
* bump version to Günther2008-11-20
* detect script for autoconfigurationGuido Günther2008-11-20
* bump release to Günther2008-10-31
* run checks before distGuido Günther2008-10-31
* bump version to Günther2008-10-27
* bump release0.0.2Guido Günther2008-10-23
* add INSTALLGuido Günther2008-10-23
* add $(PLUGINDIR)Guido Günther2008-10-23
* add memory pluginGuido Günther2008-10-23
* add Makefile0.0.1Guido Günther2008-10-21