Munin Plugin for the Ökofen Pellematic/Pelletronic touch

This is a simple munin plugin to monitor the values of a Ökofen Pellematic with
a Pelletronic Touch Online.

It's currently very limited as it doesnt' determine the attached Pellematics or
heating circuits but fetches a hard coded list of items. However it's already
useful to e.g. adjust the heating cure.

To setup the plugin copy it to /etc/munin/plugins and set the address of your

    cat <<EOF > /etc/munin/plugin-conf.d/pellematic
    env.username foo
    env.password bar

Then test it via:

    munin-run pellematic-temp

You should now see the temperature values printed on stdout. If this works restart your
munin node:

    service munin-node restart

The sources can be found at


and can be checked out via

	git clone git://honk.sigxcpu.org/git/munin-pelletronic.git