Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* Release 0.0.3v0.0.3Guido Günther2012-03-27
* build: more flexible build-time warnings and errors optionsDan Williams2012-03-02
* Distinguish login failure from other errorsGuido Günther2012-02-27
* Remove GTK+2 compat codeGuido Günther2012-02-26
* Iodine doesn't allow for an empty passwordGuido Günther2012-02-26
* real_connect: return code is status not fdGuido Günther2012-02-26
* Don't send password via environment but via stdinGuido Günther2012-02-26
* Drop unused secondary password codeGuido Günther2012-02-20
* Fix download URLGuido Günther2012-02-19
* Added Polish translationPiotr Drąg2012-02-18
* Release 0.0.2v0.0.2Guido Günther2012-02-18
* Add download URLGuido Günther2012-02-18
* Pass the password via the environmentGuido Günther2012-02-08
* Chroot iodineGuido Günther2012-02-08
* Initial commitv0.0.1Guido Günther2012-02-08