Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* release: bump version to 1.2.0v1.2.0Lubomir Rintel2016-04-22
* appdata: add AppStream metadataLubomir Rintel2016-04-22
* properties: move the domain beneath a GtkGrid similar to one belowLubomir Rintel2016-04-22
* build: don't include the full path to a plugin by defaultLubomir Rintel2016-04-22
* Update doap informationGuido Günther2016-03-13
* Point to gnome tarballsGuido Günther2016-03-13
* Merge branch 'nm-1.1'v1.1.0Guido Günther2016-03-13
| * build: install the service file into /usr/lib tooLubomir Rintel2015-10-13
| * build: allow build without libnm-glibLubomir Rintel2015-10-13
| * auth-dialog: port to libnmLubomir Rintel2015-10-13
| * service: port to libnmLubomir Rintel2015-10-13
| * properties: rename the classes to be more libnm-ishLubomir Rintel2015-09-01
| * properties: use the NM error types & quarksLubomir Rintel2015-09-01
| * properties: port to libnmLubomir Rintel2015-09-01
| * build: check for libnm & libnmaLubomir Rintel2015-09-01
| * build: split the plugin into two halvesLubomir Rintel2015-09-01
| * build: bump version to 1.1.0Lubomir Rintel2015-09-01
| * build: only check for libnm-gtk when we're building GNOME supportLubomir Rintel2015-09-01
* | Update Catalan translationJordi Mas2016-01-12
* | Updated German translationMario Blättermann2016-01-01
* | Added Portuguese translationPedro Albuquerque2015-11-08
* Updated Polish translationPiotr Drąg2015-08-30
* Added Swedish translationJosef Andersson2015-07-19
* all: trivial: fix indentingJiří Klimeš2015-03-25
* all: fix *_IS_*_CLASS(klass) macrosJiří Klimeš2015-03-25
* properties: use a real GError domain instead of 0Jiří Klimeš2015-03-25
* Split out nm-iodine-service-defines.hDan Winship2015-03-25
* all: use nm_connection_get_setting_*()Dan Winship2015-03-25
* Rename NMIODINEPlugin to NMIodinePluginDan Winship2015-03-24
* build: remove some unnecessary stuffDan Winship2015-03-24
* Added Bosnian translationSamir Ribic2015-03-14
* Added Turkish translationNecdet Yücel2014-12-16
* Also mention all the awesome ui translationsv0.0.5Guido Günther2014-10-12
* Release 0.0.5Guido Günther2014-10-12
* Update NEWSGuido Günther2014-10-12
* Port to libnm-gtkGuido Günther2014-10-12
* Port to libsecretGuido Günther2014-09-14
* Ignore TAGS filesGuido Günther2014-09-14
* Updated Greek translationTom Tryfonidis2014-04-24
* Updated Indonesian translationAndika Triwidada2014-03-30
* Updated Hungarian translationBalázs Úr2014-03-20
* Remove action area spacingGuido Günther2014-03-17
* Removed gettext macro for icon nameMarek Černocký2014-03-09
* Updated Czech translationZdeněk Hataš2014-03-09
* Updated Lithuanian translationAurimas Černius2014-03-02
* [l10n] Updated Italian translation.Milo Casagrande2014-02-16
* Updated Serbian translationМирослав Николић2014-01-28
* Updated Slovenian translationMatej Urbančič2013-12-22
* Use LT_INITDan Fruehauf2013-12-14
* Updated Spanish translationDaniel Mustieles2013-11-20