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* release: bump version to 1.2.0v1.2.0Lubomir Rintel2016-04-22
* build: don't include the full path to a plugin by defaultLubomir Rintel2016-04-22
* build: install the service file into /usr/lib tooLubomir Rintel2015-10-13
* build: allow build without libnm-glibLubomir Rintel2015-10-13
* properties: port to libnmLubomir Rintel2015-09-01
* build: check for libnm & libnmaLubomir Rintel2015-09-01
* build: bump version to 1.1.0Lubomir Rintel2015-09-01
* build: only check for libnm-gtk when we're building GNOME supportLubomir Rintel2015-09-01
* build: remove some unnecessary stuffDan Winship2015-03-24
* Release 0.0.5Guido Günther2014-10-12
* Port to libnm-gtkGuido Günther2014-10-12
* Port to libsecretGuido Günther2014-09-14
* Use LT_INITDan Fruehauf2013-12-14
* Release 0.0.4v0.0.4Guido Günther2012-12-25
* Release 0.0.3v0.0.3Guido Günther2012-03-27
* Release 0.0.2v0.0.2Guido Günther2012-02-18
* Initial commitv0.0.1Guido Günther2012-02-08