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* properties: move the domain beneath a GtkGrid similar to one belowLubomir Rintel2016-04-22
* build: allow build without libnm-glibLubomir Rintel2015-10-13
* properties: rename the classes to be more libnm-ishLubomir Rintel2015-09-01
* properties: use the NM error types & quarksLubomir Rintel2015-09-01
* properties: port to libnmLubomir Rintel2015-09-01
* build: check for libnm & libnmaLubomir Rintel2015-09-01
* build: split the plugin into two halvesLubomir Rintel2015-09-01
* all: trivial: fix indentingJiří Klimeš2015-03-25
* all: fix *_IS_*_CLASS(klass) macrosJiří Klimeš2015-03-25
* properties: use a real GError domain instead of 0Jiří Klimeš2015-03-25
* Split out nm-iodine-service-defines.hDan Winship2015-03-25
* all: use nm_connection_get_setting_*()Dan Winship2015-03-25
* build: remove some unnecessary stuffDan Winship2015-03-24
* Removed markup from UI fileDaniel Mustieles2012-12-04
* Iodine doesn't allow for an empty passwordGuido Günther2012-02-26
* Initial commitv0.0.1Guido Günther2012-02-08