BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
debian/sidNo need to use old_divGuido Günther17 months
masterdesktop-file: Add StartupNotifyGuido Günther2 months
pristine-tarpristine-tar data for prepaid-manager-applet_0.0.3.1.orig.tar.xzGuido Günther10 years
v0.0.4commit eaa3e6734b...Guido Günther20 months
debian/ 723c472313...Guido Günther10 years
v0.0.3commit d2dc492a32...Guido Günther10 years
debian/ b32d223a5e...Guido Günther10 years
v0.0.2.1commit af0d9c0e96...Guido Günther10 years
debian/0.0.2-1commit 528dc5bb33...Guido Günther10 years
v0.0.2commit 04ae3ade85...Guido Günther10 years
debian/ c364ef7722...Guido Günther11 years
v0.0.1.2commit d74980da91...Guido Günther11 years 24714b354d...Guido Günther11 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2012-01-04Document changes and release Günther
2012-01-04Update descriptionGuido Günther
2012-01-04Merge commit 'v0.0.3.1' into debian/sidGuido Günther
2012-01-04Release Günther
2011-12-28Display country name instead of country codeGuido Günther
2011-12-28Don't change the provider list if the country didn't changeGuido Günther
2011-12-28Don't mark provider page as finished if we didn't get a selectionGuido Günther
2011-12-28When changing the provider allow the user to enter all dataGuido Günther
2011-12-28Activate 'change' button to allow to reconfigure current providerGuido Günther
2011-12-28modemproxy: Don't load D-Bus properties or connect signalsGuido Günther