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* Releae Günther2011-05-01
* Add option parserGuido Günther2011-05-01
* Set GSETTINGS_SCHEMA_DIR if running from source treeGuido Günther2011-05-01
* Add basic build and run instructionsGuido Günther2011-05-01
* Check for dependenciesGuido Günther2011-05-01
* Store known providers and balance in gsettingsGuido Günther2011-05-01
* Website is GNOME WikiGuido Günther2011-04-25
* Handle providerdb parsing errorsGuido Günther2011-04-25
* Use PyGI instead of pygtkGuido Günther2011-04-25
* Line wrap USSD repliesGuido Günther2010-12-24
* Initial commitGuido Günther2010-11-25