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* Add form factors to desktop and appdata filesHEADmasterSebastian Krzyszkowiak2020-12-04
* ppm: Allow top-up reply to wrapGuido Günther2020-08-06
* Use error dialogGuido Günther2020-07-02
* data: Make appdata validator happyGuido Günther2020-05-21
* applet: Shorten balance information stringGuido Günther2020-04-05
* applet: Drop now superfluous close handlingGuido Günther2020-04-01
* applet: Drop deprecated use_action_appearance propertyGuido Günther2020-04-01
* applet: Replace menu by a menu buttonGuido Günther2020-04-01
* applet: Don't use deprecated vbox widgetGuido Günther2020-03-31
* PPMProviderAssistant: Use templateGuido Günther2020-03-31
* PPMDialog: Use a templateGuido Günther2020-03-31
* Use app_id for schema file name tooGuido Günther2020-03-31
* Use app_id for appstream dataGuido Günther2020-03-31
* Use app_id for desktop file nameGuido Günther2020-03-31
* Use gresource for ui filesGuido Günther2020-03-31
* Move icons around to simplify installationGuido Günther2020-03-31
* Move dektop file to data/Guido Günther2020-03-31
* Remove autotools supportGuido Günther2020-03-31
* schema: Make schema path match app nameGuido Günther2020-03-31
* Switch to mesonGuido Günther2020-03-31
* Make appdata file compliant to the current schemaGuido Günther2014-06-08
* Add appdata fileGuido Günther2014-06-06
* Add application iconGuido Günther2011-07-05
* Store known providers and balance in gsettingsGuido Günther2011-05-01