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* Fix upstream pattern in gbp.confGuido Günther2011-11-14
* Add python-lxml dependencyGuido Günther2011-09-26
* Document changes and release 0.0.2-1debian/0.0.2-1Guido Günther2011-08-14
* Add upstream version patternGuido Günther2011-08-14
* Document changes and release Günther2011-06-02
* Set prefix to /usrGuido Günther2011-06-02
* Rename source package to upstream nameGuido Günther2011-06-02
* Depend on the gir package instead of GTK+3 itselfGuido Günther2011-06-02
* Unapply patches from sourceGuido Günther2011-06-02
* Update Build-Deps for GNOME3Guido Günther2011-06-02
* Add Debian packagingGuido Günther2011-05-01