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* Trim error messageGuido Günther2020-07-02
* Fix modem enablementGuido Günther2020-04-06
* Get modem and ussd interfaces asyncGuido Günther2020-04-06
* mmproxy: Introduce modem objectGuido Günther2020-04-06
* No need to register types anymoreGuido Günther2020-04-06
* Make intial setup asyncGuido Günther2020-04-06
* modemproxy: Remove code that's never reachedGuido Günther2020-03-31
* modemproxy: Make flake8 happyGuido Günther2020-03-31
* Switch to python3Guido Günther2020-03-31
* Port to ModemManager >= 0.7Lubomir Rintel2020-03-30
* Catch error to list modemsGuido Günther2014-02-15
* Remove FSF addressGuido Günther2012-08-29
* Check if imsi is validGuido Günther2012-01-05
* modemproxy: Don't load D-Bus properties or connect signalsGuido Günther2011-12-28
* Remove trailing whitespaceGuido Günther2011-12-27
* Use Infobar instead of modal dialogsGuido Günther2011-12-27
* Fix modem_{enable,disable} callbacksGuido Günther2011-12-26
* Adjust to GObject 3.0Guido Günther2011-09-26
* Use a consistent timeout for MM DBus callsGuido Günther2011-08-19
* Use GDBusGuido Günther2011-07-07
* Use PyGI instead of pygtkGuido Günther2011-04-25
* Initial commitGuido Günther2010-11-25