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* Adjust to GObject 3.0Guido Günther2011-09-26
* Fix typoGuido Günther2011-09-26
* Use a consistent timeout for MM DBus callsGuido Günther2011-08-19
* Use GDBusGuido Günther2011-07-07
* Set correct prgnameGuido Günther2011-07-05
* Add an about dialogGuido Günther2011-06-08
* src/ppm/Makefile.am: genereate __init__.py when Makefile changesGuido Günther2011-06-02
* accounts.db was missing from python_DATAGuido Günther2011-06-02
* Store known providers and balance in gsettingsGuido Günther2011-05-01
* Handle providerdb parsing errorsGuido Günther2011-04-25
* Use PyGI instead of pygtkGuido Günther2011-04-25
* Initial commitGuido Günther2010-11-25