Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* Remove dependency on kdelibs4c2a [i386]HEADmasteridxxx23@gmail.com2014-04-03
* Document changes and release 0.0.10debian/0.0.10Guido Günther2010-08-19
* Move the build-deps to the generated packageGuido Günther2010-08-19
* Remove tempfile the SAP developers left for usGuido Günther2010-08-18
* Work around needed on amd64Guido Günther2010-05-17
* document changes and release 0.0.9debian/0.0.9Guido Günther2010-02-22
* Amd64 needs libstdc++5 for libGnomeConnect64.soGuido Günther2010-02-22
* Add desktop fileGuido Günther2010-02-19
* Catch file write errorsGuido Günther2010-02-19
* document changes and release 0.0.8debian/0.0.8Guido Günther2010-02-18
* Exclude 32bit binaries when calling dh_shlibdepsGuido Günther2010-02-18
* Depend on java6-runtimeGuido Günther2010-02-17
* Add --no-clean optionGuido Günther2010-02-17
* Make glob call more robustGuido Günther2010-02-17
* Merge branch 'master' of git:// Günther2010-02-17
| * Bump standards versionGuido Günther2010-02-16
* | document changes and release 0.0.7Guido Günther2010-02-17
* | Fix dpkg-dev dependencyGuido Günther2010-02-17
* | Bump standards versionGuido Günther2010-02-17
* document changes and release 0.0.6debian/0.0.6Guido Günther2010-02-16
* Explicitly depend on dpkg-buildpackageGuido Günther2010-02-16
* Abort if running as root or under fakeroot.Guido Günther2010-02-15
* Handle package build errors.Guido Günther2010-02-15
* Exclude 64bit libs on 32bit build and vice versaGuido Günther2010-02-12
* Fix version parsing for Sapgui 720Guido Günther2010-02-12
* document changes and release 0.0.5debian/0.0.5Guido Günther2009-07-22
* depend on openjdk-jreGuido Günther2009-07-22
* document changes and release 0.0.4debian/0.0.4Guido Günther2009-04-14
* bump standards versionGuido Günther2009-04-14
* link icons to hicolor themeGuido Günther2009-04-14
* it has kind of a homepage nowGuido Günther2009-04-09
* document changes and release 0.0.3debian/0.0.3Guido Günther2009-04-01
* ignore unlink errorsGuido Günther2009-03-31
* fix build for amd64Guido Günther2009-03-30
* document changes and release 0.0.2debian/0.0.2Guido Günther2009-01-12
* add missing depsGuido Günther2009-01-12
* don't depend on a virtual package onlyGuido Günther2009-01-12
* use another dir level and copy back the resultGuido Günther2009-01-12
* consistent spellingGuido Günther2009-01-09
* fix package nameGuido Günther2009-01-09
* typoGuido Günther2009-01-09
* add vcs-browserGuido Günther2009-01-09
* initial versiondebian/0.0.1Guido Günther2009-01-09