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* Handle LPF_TRIP_STATUS_FLAGS_CANCELEDHEADmasterGuido Günther2015-05-08
* Add Emacs indentationGuido Günther2014-12-21
* Remove now unsupported -Wmudflap from gcc warningsGuido Günther2014-12-21
* Plug leakGuido Günther2014-12-21
* Don't rely on start being resolved before endGuido Günther2014-12-21
* Use g_debug and set proper log domainGuido Günther2014-12-21
* Unref the search time after usageGuido Günther2014-10-07
* Don't leak tripsGuido Günther2014-10-05
* Don't leak fromname,tonameGuido Günther2014-09-28
* Add about dialogGuido Günther2014-08-09
* Add color to the delay columnsGuido Günther2014-08-06
* Add some docsGuido Günther2014-08-06
* Initial commitGuido Günther2014-04-24