BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
debian/lennyDocument changes and release 0.0.1~bpo50+1Guido Günther12 years
debian/masterDocument changes and release 0.0.12-4Guido Günther5 weeks
debian/wheezyDocument changes and release 0.0.6-1~bpo70+1Guido Günther9 years
debian/wheezy-backportsAddjust branch name to DEP-14Guido Günther7 years
masterBe more specific about the type of errorGuido Günther6 years
pristine-tarpristine-tar data for whatmaps_0.0.12.orig.tar.gzGuido Günther6 years
debian/0.0.12-4commit 995da8caee...Guido Günther5 weeks
debian/0.0.12-3commit 84944732ba...Guido Günther5 years
debian/0.0.12-2commit 0504dee688...Guido Günther6 years
debian/0.0.12-1commit a6f23a6d75...Guido Günther6 years
v0.0.12commit 48651cda01...Guido Günther6 years
debian/0.0.11_git0.4e704c-1commit 0159d49860...Guido Günther7 years
debian/0.0.10-1commit a2e8aeb34b...Guido Günther7 years
v0.0.10commit 57006507c6...Guido Günther7 years
debian/0.0.9-1commit d0bdc62cdd...Guido Günther8 years
v0.0.9commit 1ee865fefd...Guido Günther8 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2016-12-26Be more specific about the type of errorHEADmasterGuido Günther
2016-12-26Add simple helper to run from working copyGuido Günther
2016-12-26manpage: fix path to READMEGuido Günther
2016-12-15travis: Run nosetests as wellGuido Günther
2016-12-15flake8 cleanupsGuido Günther
2016-12-15Exempt dbus from list of restarted servicesGuido Günther
2016-11-25Exempt systemd-logind from list of restarted servicesGuido Günther
2016-11-25Exempt display managers from the list of restartet servicesGuido Günther
2016-09-23Filter out user@<uid>.servicev0.0.12Guido Günther
2016-09-23Allow to filter service by regular expressionsGuido Günther