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+After a security update of a library one needs to restart all programs that
+make use of this library in order for the security update to become effective.
+whatmaps takes a package name and looks (on Linux systems) in /proc/pid/maps
+for processes that map shared objects contained in a certain package. It then
+looks for the corresponding processes to find the services that need to be
+It currently supports Debian and Fedora but might also work well on other
+Debian or RPM based distributions.
+Pass the names of the packages that had shared objects updated:
+ whatmaps <pkg1> <pkg2>
+The example output looks like:
+ # whatmaps libssl0.9.8
+ WARNING: No service script found in 'wpasupplicant' for '['/sbin/wpa_supplicant']' - restart manually
+ Services that possibly need to be restarted:
+ postfix
+ libvirt-bin
+ ntpd
+Apt Integration
+To enable automatic restarts during security updates on Debian based systems set:
+ Whatmaps::Enable-Restart "1";
+in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/20services.