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* debiandistro: Avoid lsb moduleGuido Günther2022-12-30
* debiandistro: Clarify indentationGuido Günther2022-12-30
* Exempt dbus from list of restarted servicesGuido Günther2016-12-15
* Exempt systemd-logind from list of restarted servicesGuido Günther2016-11-25
* Exempt display managers from the list of restartet servicesGuido Günther2016-11-25
* Filter out user@<uid>.servicev0.0.12Guido Günther2016-09-23
* whatmaps/debiandistro.py: flake8 cleanGuido Günther2016-09-23
* Don't bail out if we can't find a package in apt's cacheGuido Günther2016-04-18
* Use python3 instead of python2Guido Günther2016-02-24
* Respect jessie apache package renameSantiago Garcia Mantinan2015-07-07
* Add mapping for libvirt-daemon -> libvirtdGuido Günther2014-12-29
* Another import bugfixGuido Günther2014-07-11
* Make imports python2 and python3 compatibleGuido Günther2014-07-11
* Add systemd supportGuido Günther2014-07-11
* Move detect_distro to DistroGuido Günther2014-07-01
* Remove unused importsGuido Günther2014-06-28
* pkg_services: Check if a service is actually installedGuido Günther2014-06-28
* Add missing importGuido Günther2014-05-03
* Restart tomcat and jenkins on java updatesGuido Günther2014-04-25
* Split out and test DebianDistroGuido Günther2014-04-21