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* Document changes and release 0.0.2debian/0.0.2Guido Günther2011-05-21
* Fix grammar in descriptionGuido Günther2011-05-21
* Adapt so Squeeze's apache 2.2 packageGuido Günther2011-05-21
* Bump standards versionGuido Günther2011-05-21
* Build-depend on lsb-releaseGuido Günther2011-05-21
* Document changes and release 0.0.2Guido Günther2011-05-21
* Merge branch 'master' into debian/masterGuido Günther2011-05-16
| * Fix regexv0.0.2Guido Günther2011-05-16
| * Simplify set operationGuido Günther2010-09-29
* | Add Debian packagingdebian/0.0.1Guido Günther2010-09-25
* Fix init script re for RedHat based distrosv0.0.1Guido Günther2010-09-25
* Implement service restart for RedHat based distrosGuido Günther2010-09-25
* Fix apt checkGuido Günther2010-09-25
* Some docstrings and cleanupsGuido Günther2010-09-25
* Fit onto 80 charactersGuido Günther2010-09-24
* Hook into apt pipelineGuido Günther2010-09-24
* Don't run external commands through the shellGuido Günther2010-09-24
* Allow distros to map services to different packagesGuido Günther2010-09-24
* Better init script reGuido Günther2010-09-23
* Find SysV RC based services on FedoraGuido Günther2010-09-19
* Strip version from rpm packagesGuido Günther2010-09-19
* Handle deleted files in /proc/<pid>/exeGuido Günther2010-09-19
* Handle dpkg based distros as Debian and rpm based ones as FedoraGuido Günther2010-09-19
* Add basic support for FedoraGuido Günther2010-09-06
* Simplify codeGuido Günther2010-09-06
* Format debugging outputGuido Günther2010-09-06
* Add setup.pyGuido Günther2010-09-03
* Initial versionGuido Günther2010-09-03